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I am a veteran of more than 14 years as Senior Modeler and Lead Modeler primarily on The Sims and SimCity franchises.

As a lead environment modeler I oversee the simultaneous production of dozens of new objects and entire sections of game content. My primary duties include providing aesthetic and technical feedback as well as overseeing all facets of content creation and implementation . I work closely with the engineering, animation, design, production and sound teams to ensure our content is created to strict guidelines under numerous constraints.

As a senior environment artist my specialities include hard surface modeling and texturing as well as design and implementation of complex modular and procedural systems. My experience and aesthetic sense allows me to independently with very little oversight or feedback.

Recently I helped to implement a physically based rendering system to an existing game engine. I was responsible for calibrating materials and setting up libraries, as well as updating our art creation tools, policies, and workflows to a more modern development environment.

While my focus has been object/environment modeling I also have experience with character modeling, rigging, lighting, world-building, animation, mentoring, teaching, and designing art tools.

References available upon request.

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