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Sadly I no longer have copies of much of the art I did for the many Sims projects I worked on. Here is what I do have, with more to come as I find it.

I was the first artist on The Sims 4, early on in pre-production you are mostly concerned with style exploration and solving broad technical questions. One of the first questions was "What does a couch look like?" So here is a French Provincial couch.

Over the years I've made many a tree, most of them were too small but here is an example of a style exploration and the first tree in The Sims 4.

Here is a first stab at a performance target for a New Orleans mansion, without textures.

The Sims: Medieval was quite a different gameplay experience from The Sims. Much more linear with a fixed narrative, the art style was slightly more illustrated. Most of my contribution was months improving the lighting system, but I did get to do a few objects. Here is an animated orrery, a sculpture of an evil knight and part of a larger montage that involved chickens.

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