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Like many young children, the first time I saw Star Wars changed my life. I instantly fell in love with the characters, ships and world. It wasn't until later that I understood what a departure the Star Wars movies were for science fiction. The wild visuals of the psychadelic space films of the previous generation were replaced with a gritty and won world. Here is a wedding of the fantasy visual strokes first laid by Ralph McQuarrie and the dusty dirty practical models of ILM.

Mid/Low poly star wars vehicles. Using similar techniques as the Sim City vehicles.

Poly count (verts): Tie Fighter 1500, Tie Bomber 1653, X-Wing 1071, Snow Speeder 1014, Lambda Shuttle 2370, AT-ST 1550

I once got a private tour and visit of the Lucas prop archives. One of the highlights was actually getting to hold the orginal props, they are much heavier than you would guess. Made from camera, gun and grenade parts.

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