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This allied tank was first designed under the realization that American armor was being severely outclassed by German Pather IV and Panzer tanks. Needing heavier armor and a larger gun, the army turned to the captains of American industry with this challenge. A more modular design with interchangeable parts mass produced on a scale never before and never again matched. The initial designs were too lightly armored and undergunned to effective deal with the threat of German armor, and were notorious for catching fire with a single hit. Many variants and upgrades removed many of these faults. In the end, the primary reason for the success of the Sherman was the sheer number produced, upwards of fifty thousand.

A later version, I've modeled the A3 'Easy Eight' version included a much larger gun and much improved survivability. Also a first is the HVSS vertical suspension, which gave a smoother ride and improved on the ability of the Sherman to fire on the move. As a mobile home for it's operators as well as a forward base for footborne infantry, Shermans were often piled high with all manner of battlefield supplies as well as a standard set of repair parts and tools.

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