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Here is a quick model I did of an ant for a hackathon project. It is surprisingly hard to paint an ant by hand and have him look cute and unassuming.

I love all things Tolkien. Having read all of the books and knowing far more about the lineages of the elves than anyone should ever admit, no location has ever intrigued me more than The Prancing Pony in Bree. I did this model sometime back, I would love to find the time to go back and finish it.

Here is yet another giant robot that I have never had time to finish, this time a Succession Era heavy mech of the Inner Sphere, the Cataphract.

Most advances in wartime are iterative, rare is there a step in technology with so much potential to change the tide of war. The jet engine of the ME-263 and streamlined electric diesel Type 21 U-boat both came thankfully far too late to make a real difference.

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