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Initially met with a great deal of skepticism the Chance-Vought F4U Corsair became one of the most successful fighter designs of all times. It served with great distinction in the Pacific theater and was one of the few WWII fighters to be successful in the Korean War.

The obvious feature of the Corsair is the bent wing formation used to give the planes massive propeller more clearance above the deck. The plane earned the nickname "Whistling Death" due to the noise the air intakes on the leading edge of the inboard wing sections made at high speed.

I've done two passes on this model. One initial one using a standard shading model, and a later one with some geometry revisions and completely retextured for physically based rendering. Each rivet is painted with a small bit of improv and approximation, but the overall panel and rivet patterns are correct. The paint colors for this correspond to the initial deployment in the South Pacific using what is known as the 'birdcage' cockpit. Later redesigns of the cockpit gave a much needed increase in visibility and eased some of the difficulty in landing this difficult to fly plane.

Modeled in Maya, maps from Turtle and XNormal, textured by hand (old) or using DDO (new), and rendered in Marmoset v1/v2.

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