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A new generation meant a move away from the Art Deco styling of the motion picture era Enterprise to the much more elegant Art Nouveau lines of the Galaxy Class.

There were several studio models created for the Next Generation, the first was 6 feet long with hundreds of illuminated windows. The model itself has a blue tint yet due to lighting conditions while filming it appears nearly gray. Due to the difficulties of filming the large model, several more were created - one at 4 feet and two at 2 feet in length as well as a much larger 12 foot saucer section for the movie Generations.

The color and detail in this model are based off of the large saucer section model. The primary difficulties were painting the many hundred windows as well as trying to capture the smooth and elegant shapes and lines that define the model.

Modeled in Maya, maps from Turtle, and rendered in Marmoset v1

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