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     I am not sure which began first, my love of plastic models or making artwork on computers. The plastic models were crude aircraft and car kits, the old Revel kits from the 1980s. The computers and techniques were even more crude, binary sprites on a Commodore 64.

     It wasn't until I reached high school and gained access to more powerful computers and applications that I first discovered 3D modeling. Starting at first with AutoCad and then moving on to 3DStudio for DOS I spent my after school hours in the drafting lab modeling anything I could get my hands on. A few years later, uhappy with my job as a graphic designer I decided I would combine my two greatest hobbies and work torwards a job in the video game industry.

     My first real attempt landed me at the legendary game studio Maxis. Creator of many of my favorite games, including SimCity, it was a dream job for a self taught artist and has been my home ever since. Over the years I have worked on nearly every title the studio has put forth, including two versions of SimCity and four versions of the Sims. My role these days is as a 'closer'. As a senior artist I have a history of taking the difficult technical systems with complex modular parts and operating with a high degree of autonomy and self direction. As a lead artist I have lead production teams of up to a dozen modelers on high pressure high priority projects. In these roles I have shipped more projects than any other modeler in the studio.

     Still my love of high detail modeling kits persist, only now I make them on the computer. The bulk of my galleries here are models that I have spent countless hours trying to scratch that ever-present creative itch.

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